HOT Watch SDK Summary

HOT Watch provides SDK for 3rd party developers to develop apps and watch faces to be run on the watch. There are two levels of SDK supported.

The first level is easier to use and supports dial faces and apps with limited functionality. This level can be implemented by anyone without knowledge of programming. This method involves creating and uploading jpeg/bmp images for watch background/needles for dial faces. This method also supports simple apps with script style text file that will be parsed by HOT watch OS for app functionality.

The second level SDK supports ‘C’ language and is more powerful. The C programs can be compiled in Windows or Linux or Mac environment using GCC compilers. The resulting binary file generated can be uploaded to watch via iPhone or Android App. A set of functions will be provided to access the watch hardware. These include functions to write text, display graphical pixels, get touch input and call back.

Another unique feature of HOT Watch SDK is it also comes with a watch simulator that can be run as a windows application. Developer can test his code in a PC environment as a windows application. Once development is complete he can compile the code for the watch.

Watch Faces:

The HOT watch comes with default 4 watch faces as shown below. The developer can customize the background and minute-hour handles for these faces using first level of SDK.

Face1: Simple Analog clock with Date, Day, Bluetooth and battery Icons
Face2: Rich Analog Clock with date display
Face3: Semi Digital Clock with Round Minute dial
Face4: Designer Digital Clock with Time and Date display

The HOT watch also has 5th custom watch face that can be created and managed by SDK using C programming provided in second level SDK.

Watch Apps:

The HOT watch SDK provides functions to create custom apps that can be created by the developers.

The first level uses easy scripts from user and supports simple apps such as getting custom information from smart phone and displaying on watch or sending information from watch to smart phone. The second level provides functions to access watch display, input and other hardware using C program.

The HOT watch interface has Watch face screens and 4 additional information display screens that are accessed by shortcut icons on the watch glass. The 4th information screen (and its 5 sub screens via vertical scroll) is used for placing custom apps.