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Meet the Hottest Smartwatch Around...

Private Calling

Now, there's no need to grab your phone. Your hand is your handset. HOT SmartWatch revolutionizes wearable tech with palm-based calling.

Gesture Control

HOT Watch can automatically respond to many common gestures. Raise your hand to your ear to accept a call. Wave goodbye to end it. Plus many more.

Music Control

Whether you're working around the house, taking a shower, going for a jog, or entertaining for friends, the HOT SmartWatch makes the perfect remote control for your phone's native music player.

Voice Recognition

Control Siri or Google Voice directly from your HOT Watch.

SMS & E-Mail

Never miss an important notification. Don't waste time on the others. Send/receive texts and interact on social media directly from the touch screen of your HOT SmartWatch.

Social Media

Social media notifications are just a glance-of-your-wrist-away with HOT Watch. Stay up to date with your friends and family without having to pull out your phone.

Water Resistant

Wash the dishes or go out in the rain. You can stay connected the whole time. HOT SmartWatch is water resistant.


Track every step...count calories. You can take charge of your health with HOT Watch.


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