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Meet the hottest smart watch around...

*Windows coming soon

Private Calling

Now, there's no need to grab your phone. Your hand is your handset. HOT Watch revolutionizes wearable tech with palm-based calling.

Gesture Control

HOT Watch can automatically respond to many common gestures. Raise your hand to your ear to accept a call. Wave goodbye to end it. Plus many more.

Music Control

Whether you're working around the house, taking a shower, going for a jog, or entertaining for friends, the HOT Watch makes the perfect remote control for your phone's native music player.

Voice Recognition

Control Siri or Google Voice directly from your HOT Watch.

SMS & E-Mail

Never miss an important notification. Don't waste time on the others. Send/receive texts and interact on social media directly from the touch screen.

Social Media

Social media notifications are just a glance-of-your-wrist-away with HOT Watch. Stay up to date with your friends and family without having to pull out your phone.


Take a shower, go for a swim, or wash the dishes. You can stay connected the whole time. HOT Watch is waterproof up to 5 ATM.


Track every step...count calories. You can take charge of your health with HOT Watch.


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